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About Discover Films

Discover Films has been working in conjunction with Iris Filmworks and Synergy Media to produce television shows for select cities, towns, and regions for the last five years. We try to feature select areas with rich history and culture, and also highlight recommended businesses within that area who have a great story to tell. Discover Films is currently working on Discover Rhode Island, and future shows in consideration are in select towns in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Florida’s Treasure Coast.  

We usually spend weeks determining the best opportunity for an upcoming show.  Between the planning, interviewing, shooting and editing and final output of the show, the process usually takes around three months to put a show together.

Our shows are viewable on multiple streaming services including  Amazon Prime Video, Roku, YouTube and often on local broadcast stations.


We have experienced videographers and producers who work tirelessly to put together a high quality production for each town or special episode that we undertake.  In addition, they work with the some of the best and most advanced equipment in the filmmaking industry.  A list of equipment used to put together a single show is below.  In addition, we have all necessary licenses and insurance for our personnel and equipment.


Working with the right equipment is incredibly important to putting together a high quality production.  We are often asked about what equipment we use to shoot and edit with. So for those who are curious about the equipment used in producing the Discover series, here’s a partial list:

Cameras: Canon C300, Canon C300 MKII, Canon 5D MKII, Canon 5D MKIII, FujiFilm GFX100

Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 17-35 2.8, Canon 28-70 2.8IS, Canon 400mm 2.8IS FujiFilm 32-64 F4

Motion Control: Kessler Crane-Cineslider, Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly with Parallax, Oracle motion controller (2), Revolution 2 motorized head.

Motion Control: Edelkrone-Sliderplus pro, headPLUS pro, Slide module V2, focus module, laser module, PocketRig 2.

Editing: Mac Pro, iMac Pro 27, iMac 5K 27 (3) Macbook Pro (3), full adobe suite, FCPX.

Licensing: Full licensing for all music, fonts, graphics, transitions.