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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to recommend an area for a future show. Do you accept suggestions?
A: We love ideas, and are always looking for the next area or specialty to do a show on. Send your ideas to
Q: How long does it take to put a show together?
A: Between development, research, scripting, shooting and editing, shows take anywhere from three to six months to get on the air from original concept.
Q: I have a business in a town you’re doing an upcoming show on, and I’d like to be recommended. Can I pay a fee to be on the recommended list?
A: No, we put out a post on social media asking for business recommendations on Facebook and also via email, and only businesses who’ve been recommended through those channels will be listed on the show.
Q: I’ve been recommended, what does that mean?
A: Your business will be listed on the show, when we list of recommended businesses and you will also on the website as recommended business. This is often accompanied by a photo or logo that we’ll ask you to provide.
Q: I’ve been recommended and would like to have my business be one of the highlighted features on the show. What are my chances?

A: That depends. For most shows, we get dozens, and sometimes over a hundred recommended businesses. To have your business as one of the highlighted features on the show however is much more difficult. We look for businesses with a story to tell, one that will be interesting to viewers and will be consistent with the look and feel of the show. A featured business will get a two, three, or four minute segment within the show that gives tremendous exposure to the business.  The recommended length of that business segment is based on the story they have to tell.

Q: Is there a cost to be a featured business on the show?

A: While there is no cost to be featured on the show, we do ask that the business contribute to the cost of production for their individual segment. There’s usually a few hours of shooting involved, and many more hours of editing. There’s also the cost of the equipment to offset.  For a two minute piece, that half that we ask the business to pay would be about $1000. For three minutes, about $1500, and for four minutes, about $2000. Featured businesses get their segment for use on their own website, social media, emails or marketing materials which can save them many thousands of dollars in content creation costs. The finished video segment is also listed separately on the Discover page and can help significantly in SEO.

Q: How long is the show, and what channel does it air on?
A: Shows are typically half an hour, although in some instances a show might be an hour. We work with local Broadcast TV stations to find the right date for the show’s premier and we will announce it through our advertising and social media channels. It will also run on the local area’s website and YouTube channel.